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If you are looking for something in particular or don't see exactly what you are looking for on this page, please contact us at or 936-396-6377, we may have donkeys available that aren't yet on our website!

"PoPo ......... did you really, really say
that we can't keep them all?"

                                           "I'll go ask Momo!"


We are committed to finding the best home for each and every donkey that we offer for sale.  Our little donks have terrific conformation and their  personalities can't be beat; they are affectionate, in good health, very social and "love to be loved."

Some have asked if the donkeys that we are currently showing are for sale, and the answer is 'yes' they are,
but ........ we only accept a deposit, not payment in full until after show season!  Reason being, it takes so much time to select, condition and train donkeys for the show ring, and it's so hard to start a new one in the middle of the season.  With a deposit on a particular donkey, all we ask you to do is sit back and enjoy the shows; we will continue to show 'your' donkey at our expense until show season is over in the fall!   

All of our donkeys are on proper schedules for vaccinations and worming, and our farrier visits the farm on a regular basis for hoof care. 

Donkeys are herd animals; to avoid undue stress and loneliness and to help ensure a happy, healthy little donkey, it is strongly recommended that they not be kept singly but with another animal, preferably a miniature donkey, as a life-long friend. 

Our goal is to make your ownership experience positive and pleasurable and to ensure that our donkeys are placed in an environment where they will be well cared for, protected, enjoyed and most of all treasured! 



Introducing T9C Alice and T9C Eve ........ the little darlings of Ziggy's group! 
Absolutely delightful and addicting, and they know it! 
We have them priced individually, but if someone just can't decide on which one?  Why not take both?
$3500/together as BFFs

T9C Eve

    DOB:  12/01/13
    Birth Height:  18 1/2" 
    Color:  light gray-dun
    Sire:    Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
                28 1/2" - gray/white spot
        Grand Sire:  My World Red Alert B-95
               31 1/2" - dark red
        Grand Dam:  TRR's Contessa
               31 1/2" - gray/white spotted
    Dam:  Hickory Hills Sweet Pea
               30" - gray/white spotted
        Grand Sire:  Hickory Hills Cocoa Bean
               27 3/4" - brown
        Grand Dam:  Hiview's Sweet Charlie
               30" - gray/white spotted


As sweet as sugar ............... this little gal looks like a stuffed toy and was born with personality plus; she is a sweetheart!

In addition to her disposition, Eve is put together well!  She's short, wide and straight!

Eve's full sibling, Hickory Hills Zig N. Along, was named 2013 ACOSA National Champion Jack last year at the Great Celebration in Shelbyville, TN.

We have added Eve to our breeding program, and she currently has a boyfriend!



T9C Alice

     DOB:  01/20/14
    Birth Height:  19" 
    Color:  smokey black NLP w/cross
    Sire:    Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
               28 1/2" - gray/white spot
        Grand Sire:  My World Red Alert B-95
               31 1/2" - dark red
        Grand Dam:  TRR's Contessa
               31 1/2" - gray/white spotted
    Dam:  Bar 3S Baby Ruth
               30" - gray-dun
        Grand Sire:  Bar 3S Red Tator Tot
               30" - red
        Grand Dam:  Boone's Little Trinket
               32" - gray-dun


Oh my!  Oh my!  We were 'thinking' pink ........ not only for a girl, but also because this same cross between Ziggy and Baby Ruth has produced two tiny pink/light sorrel foals; one little girl (Savannah Rose) and one little boy (Pink Floyd)!  So much for that genetics class we took!

After getting over the shock of finding this little black NLP surprise, we realized what a super little jenny she was!  Nice little head; good bone and width and just enough 'sass' to steal your heart!

Alice is making her new home in Hawaii ........... what a lucky little girl!



Hickory Hills Zig N. Along

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to see Zig N. Along's
four generation pedigree!



2013 ACOSA
National Champion Jack


Updated pictures taken April 2014

 DOB:  02/08/12
Birth Height:  19"
Current Height:  28 1/2"
April 2014)
Registered with both ADMS and ACOSA

Sire:  Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
          28 1/2" - gray/white spot
     Grand Sire:  My World Red Alert
          31 1/2" - dark red
     Grand Dam:  TRR's Contessa
          31 1/2" - gray/white spotted
Dam:  Hickory Hills Sweet Pea
          30" - brown/gray/white spotted
     Grand Sire:  Hickory Hills Cocoa Bean
          27 1/2" - dark brown
     Grand Dam:  Hiview's Sweet Charlie
          30" - brown/gray/white spotted

Outstanding!  If you are looking for quality small genetics, here's  your future herdsire ..............
he's small and very correct; he has it all in one compact little package and reminds me so much of his
dad, Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock!  When he was a baby, Zig N. Along had some traits of being wooly,
although there are no wooly bloodlines in his pedigree that we know of, his haircoat was longer/silkier
than most babies, and his mane laid over like a horse!  Would he produce wooly babies if bred to a wooly jenny?  Maybe/maybe not, but one thing for sure, those babies would be absolutely delightful!

Zig N. Along now lives out near Vegas with one of his best girlfriends, Misty!
This little chunk is going to make someone an outstanding herdsire! 

The only reason that we are offering Zig N. Along to another breeding home is because his sire is a major part of our breeding program, and we just don't have enough room to house another breeding jack with the same bloodlines!


BFF Package
Sadie & Coco Kiss

Sold and have moved to their new home together!

These two little jennys are like two peas in a pod ............. where you see one, you see the other! 
They grew up in the nursery together and picked each other as their BFF!



DOB:  06/02/12
Color:  brown/white spotted
Birth Height: 20 1/2"

Sire:  Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
28 1/2" - gray/white spotted
Dam:  Hickory Hills Silver Slipper
33"- gray-dun

Sadie is a delightful little jenny; she has a wonderful
laid-back disposition and is full of life. In addition to her very social personality, she has good legs, nice round hip and a cute little head!  Sadie would be an asset to any herd
when she grows up and matures!  Until that time, she would be happy running and playing with her BFF, Coco Kiss!

I just had to get a picture of Sadie's face
and her beauty freckles!


Coco Kiss

DOB:  07/16/12
Color:  brown
Birth Height:  20"

Sire:  GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke
29" - gray/white spotted
Dam:  Bar 3S Mary Alice
32" - gray/white spotted

O.K.  I do have to admit it when I say we had to take a double look when we saw Coco Kiss running around with Mary Alice ....... this just proves that book genetics doesn't always follow through in the pasture!  Both sire/dam are gray/white spotted, but little Coco is definitely a medium 'coco' brown, and there's not one single spot to be seen!  Coco Kiss is truly as sweet as sugar, hence her name!  Actually, her mom, Mary Alice, belonged to my dear friend Marcie who lost her battle with melanoma cancer just four months before Coco was born, so when she was born, I sent Marcie's daughter a picture of the foal, and Cindy named her; I think Marcie would approve because as I remember, Hershey Kisses were one of her favorites!






Here's four 'new' geldings ................ they were gelded the end of March and have fully recovered! 
They are all social and friendly as we visit with them in their pasture daily; geldings make excellent
family pets!  Like all of our animals, these guys are up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and hoof trims!

We don't sell single/only child donkeys unless there is another equine (preferably another miniature donkey)
at their new home. Donkeys are herd animals, and without a BFF, they get lonely and aren't happy campers! 

These little guys have all moved to their new homes!


DOB:  05/22/12
Color: brown/white spotted

 Sire:  Sunset Acres
            Russian Czar
        31" - black NLP
 Dam:  Pigtail Farms Dixie
        32 1/2"
        brown/white spotted




Downtown Brown
(and his buddy, Robertson)

DOB:  05/19/12
Color: brown

 Sire: Small Pleasures Zydeco
       31" - red
 Dam: Circle C Serenade
       32" - gray-dun





Five O'Clock Shadow

DOB:  03/02/12
Color: black

 Sire:  Sunset Acres
             Russian Czar
        31" - black NLP
 Dam:  758's Peppermint
        33 1/2" - red

* and yes, he was born
at 5:00 p.m.  :)


Fudge Fox

DOB:  03/29/12
Color: red

 Sire:  LN Dark Fox
        31 1/4" - black
 Dam:  Bar 3S Spanish Rose
        31" - red






Three BFFs; available to a new home together!

Sold to their new home together, and we are delighted!

We would love to sell these three little girls to the same new donkey home!  They are always
together; side by side in the pasture!  They were all babies in the nursery out of three of my favorite
older jennys, and when it came time to wean them, we waited for the youngest one to be six
months old, and then we weaned them together! 

They are now wonderful coming three-year-old jennys who are super friendly and very social.  Each of
the three carries a totally different bloodline, so next fall when they are mature/old enough to breed,
each would contribute to your breeding program individually, but until that time, what fun it would be
to just sit back and watch them be teenage girls .............. together! 

I'll post updated pictures as soon as they shed off their fuzzy winter hair!

        Barbara Jean

 DOB:  04/23/11
 Color:  gray w/dark gray legs

 Sire: Brayers Are Us Tangueray Gin
       31" black/brown 
 Dam: Thomas Farms Itsy Bitsy
       32 1/2" gray/white spotted


 DOB:  May 10, 2011
 Color:  very dark brown

 Sire: LN Stuart Little B
       29 1/2" black w/cross
 Dam: Country Place Rockette
       33 1/2" dark brown



         Curtain Call
 DOB:  06/13/11
Color:  brown/slate/white
                w/lots of roaning

 Sire: CSF Major Money Maker
       31 1/4" blk/brn/white spotted
 Dam: PMF Daisy
       34 1/2" dark brown w/roaning



Shoo-fly Pie

   DOB:  02/03/11
  Color:  brown
  Sire:  Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
         28 1/2" - gray/white spot
  Dam:  Happy Acres Priscilla
         34" - gray-dun

Shoo-fly Pie belongs to a very good donkey friend of ours, and she is hanging out at our farm because she doesn't have any

donkeys her age at home. She lives in our two/three year old pasture with eight other young jennys and loves it!  She is a

delightful little jenny and would be an asset to any breeding program.  She is straight and correct and has a wonderful laid-back

disposition. Shoo-fly comes from a long line of strong genes; her mom is 22 years old and still produces quality foals.

Shoo-fly Pie's new home is nearby, and we get to visit from time to time; she was a super mom to her new baby!



We have decided to 'show red' and now have several mature brood jennys (dark brown, gray and spotted) that we won't be breeding now because of several years of drought and the increased hay prices here
in Texas. They would be fantastic additions to any herd looking to add bloodlines and pedigrees to their existing stock or a perfect way for someone who is just getting into miniature donkeys to start. 
They are all experienced mothers; let them teach you the ropes!  We have been putting our breeding program together for twelve years, and these jennys have all done a super job of producing nice quality/healthy
babies for us.  While mature, they still have many years of breeding ahead of them.  They are all in good health (up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and hoof trims)!  They are just too good to sit aside and
not used while we wait out Mother Nature's punishment on Texas! 

Email us - - for more information!

Available Mature Geldings
These two boys are a bit older, but they still like donkey hugs and butt scratches and running and playing! 
To ensure that they go to a home with a donkey best buddy, we offer a 'best buddy' discount!


Raisin' Cane

 DOB:  10/14/08
 Sex:  Gelding
 Color:  gray-dun NLP
 Sire:  Hickory Hills Zig N. Bock
        28 1/2" - gray/white spotted
 Dam:  Happy Acres Priscilla
        34" - gray-dun

Raisin belongs to a good friend of ours, but loves to run and play with our boys.  He has a laid-back disposition and never meets a stranger; he loves people, but also loves to 'just be a boy!'  He is 'best buddies' with everyone! 


   DOB:  07/04/06
  Sex:  Gelding
  Color:  Gray w/garters
  Sire:  CSF Major Money Maker
         31 1/4"
         black/brown/gray/white spot
  Dam:  1/2 Pint Cookie
         33 3/4" - gray-dun


Liberty was born on the Fourth of July, so we had to name him something patriotic, but had he been born on any other day, we would have called him Arnold; he looks like a body-builder ..... all buffed! 







Mature Barren Jennys

We have four jennys that we have been unable to get settled; we've had them with several different jacks, and still, no babies.  I don't give up easy, and I'm not giving up now, but our hay situation requires that we should place these girls in good donkey homes as pets!  They are super friendly and social, plus up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and hoof trims; one of them is a National Halter Champion.  Most of the time they live in the brood jenny pasture, but they have all four been exposed to a jack and could 'possibly' be bred, but we don't think so.  In any case, if they do prove me wrong, and you need a breeding certificate, no problem!  I will just kick myself because I gave up on them too quick!  Our loss will definitely be your gain! 

We are selling them at BFF (best friends forever) prices - or if you have enough room for all four together (they would love that, and we would too), we would offer them as a group!






DOB:  1998
Color:  dark brown
Height:  33”

  Asai has had a couple of babies for us and was a good mother, but after her last foal, we haven’t been able to settle her again. 

She is friendly and was  a big help making Sassy (also listed with this group) feel secure in our herd when she first arrived.  I'm guessing because Asai had raised babies, she was able to
take on the mother role
with Sassy!









DOB:  1998
Color:  dark brown
Height:  32”

Imogene is a one-of-a-kind donkey; she is absolutely gorgeous ............ and did a fantastic job for us in the show ring, but she just didn't like being away from home and her friends.  She is happiest in the brood jenny pasture talking to the girls!

Imogene has also been a tremendous help in
making Sassy feel feel
like one of the girls!









DOB:  1999
Color:  brown
Height:  34”

Sassy is a wonderful jennet, but because she was mistreated by a previous owner, it does take her a bit to warm up and feel secure in a new environment.

A very good friend of ours rescued Sassy as a yearling jenny, and when Betty's health began to decline, she worried and stressed about Sassy because no one would want her as she wasn't as bubbly as the other donkeys, so I promised if she ever got in a position that she could no longer take care of Sassy,
I would.  Sassy has been
with us for about five years,
and I think now she would do fine in a new home, especially with one or two of her close girlfriends!

DOB:  2006
Color:  brown
Height:  33”

Ivy is the youngest of the group; if you look closely at her forehead, you will see a few white hairs that I call her ‘beauty mark!’  We purchased her three years ago, and our jacks haven’t been able successful getting her to conceive.  Ivy is very friendly and loves people, and I think she would do well as a therapy/teaching donkey or perhaps a nursing home ambassador!










As responsible breeders, we strongly promote, support and love geldings; they make outstanding  show/performance animals and absolutely
wonderful family pets.

Geldings are easy keepers; they get along well in a pasture with jennys and other geldings, and they make the very best babysitters for young weanlings.
Many of our quality young jacks can be purchased with a "gelding incentive" at a discounted price! 

Please don't hesitate to fall in love
with any of our little guys!

Shelby at three years of age
and Peanut at ten;
what a great combination!

Shelby at nine years of age
and Peanut at sixteen;
still a great combination!




Butt scratches are almost as good as donkey hugs!



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